Episode 4

March 08, 2022


This Is About Fairness | Congressman Rodney Davis

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Patrick Yoes
This Is About Fairness  |  Congressman Rodney Davis
Blue View by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
This Is About Fairness | Congressman Rodney Davis

Mar 08 2022 | 00:33:14


Show Notes

“Fairness” – a concept that our society treasures; something that we, as law enforcement officers, value. American’s plan and prepare for retirement years by investing a retirement benefit. But, for millions of public employees, police, firemen, teachers, and others, that planning means that if you have paid into both a public pension system and also met the necessary quarters to qualify for Social Security benefits, you will be penalized. Although we paid for these benefits, the social security rules could result in a reduction of social security benefits.

The “Windfall Elimination Provision” (WEP) and the “Government Pension Offset” (GPO) in current Social Security law cut or eliminate the earned benefits of more than two million retirees. This provision has created a very real inequity for many public employees, particularly law enforcement officers, who retire earlier than other government employees due to the demands placed on them both physically and mentally… and often begin second careers. The provision cuts as much as 60% from the Social Security benefit. A benefit that they have paid for, just as other Americans.

Keeping what you earned and deserving nothing if it isn't earned – that’s “fair.” One of the FOP’s Top Priorities is H.R. 82, the “Social Security Fairness Act,” which would repeal both the WEP and GPO. This is an issue of fairness, as these public employees are unfairly penalized under current law.

It is critical to have strong allies in Congress, especially those who working to address the most pressing issues facing America’s law enforcement community. Today, we’re joined by one of the leading sponsors for the bill, Representative Rodney Davis, from Illinois’ 13th Congressional District. Representative Davis has been fighting for our men and women in blue since day one. Representative Davis is one of our most devoted supporters, and we thank him for the help.

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